Plastic Welding

When talking about welding most people naturally tend to think of steel. However, though relatively less heard of, plastic welding is used in a lot of industries. Since all plastic elements are not suitable for adhesives, fabricators choose plastic welding to join plastic parts together.

Welding Rods

We Pursue Excellence

Since Plasgroup’s foundation in 2003 it has been our single goal to produce the best possible Australian sourced and manufactured welding rods for sale and use in the Australian and International Plastic Fabrication industries.

Proudly Australian

Plasgroup is proudly Australian owned and operated where practical gives preference to and supports Australian suppliers of raw materials for use in our products..

We are Skilled

Plasgroup has a long history with all common methods of Plastic Fabrication and Welding Techniques and our manager has acquired over 24 years practical experience in nearly all facets of Industrial Welding and Fabrication at both the Factory and Field Plastic Welding methods. He has applied his acquired knowledge into the continued development of premium grade welding rods and the import of world standard plastic welding machines to benefit you with cost effective hi performance weld rod and welding machines; which helps decrease your fabrication time, reduce work related fatigue and increase your bottom line returns.

We are Flexible

If there is an application that requires a specific polymer or a custom colour or shape that is not listed in our standard welding rod range, feel free to contact us and we will be only too happy to assist you in getting you fabricating with your own cost effective alternative.

Black Weld Rod

About Our Welding Rods

PVC Weld Rod

PLASGROUP P/L manufactures PVC weld rod in our Melbourne Factory from Virgin Grade (NO regrind) compounded PVC.

We have drawn from over 20 years of hands on fabrication Experience to manufacture the best and most cost effective PVC weldrod in Australia.

Hot Air Welders

PLASGROUP Hot Air Welding Guns / Process Hot Air Systems nozzles and reflectors feature 12 basic designs that are offered in hundreds of standard styles and sizes and can be customized to meet specific user application requirements. They are compatible with the full line of HSK hot air tools and hot air blowers that provide process heating capacities from ambient to 880°C and airflow rates from a whisper to 1200+ LPM.

Allowing hot air to be concentrated or spread evenly at a precise velocity, volume, and evenly dispersed temperatures, PLASGROUP Nozzles and Reflectors typically push-fit onto the heat source. Standard styles include tubular, shell reflector, hinged, round or extension types, as well as sieve reflectors for applications such as curing, pre-heating, drying, de-flashing, laminating, shrinking, soldering, sterilizing and welding.

HSK Hot Air Welders

  • HSK 100

    Voltage: 240 V, 50Hz
    Heating Capacity: 3000 W
    Temperature: Variable from 20 to 650°C electronically controlled.
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  • HSK 200

    Voltage: 240 V, 50/60Hz
    Heating Capacity: 1500 W
    Temperature: Ambient – 700°C infinitely variable.
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  • HSK 300

    Voltage: 240 V, 50/60Hz
    Heating Capacity: 1500 Watts 240 V (120 V, 1600 Watts, Avail On Req)
    Temperature: To 700°C infinitely variable
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  • iWipes

    These wipes help ensure surfaces are free from dust/debris etc before electrofusion and butt jointing.  Download the Material Safety Data Sheet

Which Plastic?

Finding the right plastic welding equipment can be a real challenge. When looking to find plastic welding equipment to fit your need it is crucial that you know its application. Although there is a fitting solution for all plastic welding requests, some welding tools are not suitable for certain kinds of plastic materials. Simply put: If you know the material, the working area, the kind of assembly, your choice of plastic welder will be much easier.

Today’s markets are flooded with an infinite number of plastic materials and blends. In such an environment trying to recognize the plastic’s family is not easy, but it is very important that you do.

All plastics are different to each other in behavior and in chemical structure. The type of plastic welding rod used will make the difference between a strong weld and poor weld quality.

Commonly available plastic materials can be recognized by four simple identification tests. Read more here.

Most testing labs offer plastic identification as a service or you can try the above tests yourself.

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