About Us

Plasgroup P/L has been at the forefront of plastic welding wire supply since 2002.


We are excited to offer our range of ABS/HIPs and PLA 3D printer extrusion filaments.

We are currently working on TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane) for flexible model printing and are please to announce that we have our distribution partners trialing material.

We are now investigating an exciting new additive for the manufacture of electrically conductive printer filament.

Our Products and Services

PLASGROUP supplies, hires and repairs thermoplastic welding equipment. Our range of equipment includes: –

Hot Air Welding Guns and Accessories
Hot Air Tools
Extruder Welders
Roofing Hot Air Equipment
Flooring Hot Air Equipment
Tarpaulin and Marquee Hot Air Equipment
Wedge Welders
Socket Fusion Hand Held Equipment and Machines
Butt Fusion Hand Held Equipment and Machines
Spark Testing Equipment
Pipe Cutters and Other Tools

Our equipment is used in the following industries: –
Thermoplastic Fabrication
Tarpaulin Repair and Manufacture
Marquee Repair and Manufacture
Vinyl Flooring
Civil Engineering and Tunneling (eg. Geomembrane Lining)
Single Ply Roofing
Automotive Component Repairs (eg. Car Bumpers)
Packaging, Activating and Shrinking
Thermoplastic Pipework Installation (eg. Butt and Socket Fusion Welding)

We realise that our customers rely on good servicing of their equipment. This is why we run a complete ‘In-House’ Repair and Service Facility from our Melbourne works.

With a comprehensive range of spare parts we aim to achieve a rapid turn around on repairs.
We offer a quick delivery service on our equipment and spare parts.

With our ‘On-Site’ or ‘In-House’ Training and Product Demonstrations PLASGROUP should be your Single Source Supplier for all your thermoplastic welding equipment and welding rod supplies.